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Updating media center

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You also have various options for additional hardware that you can add to your Raspberry Pi Kodi media center.

These include adding a sound module, or even an IR receiver for use with a physical remote control.

Having a USB keyboard to hand is always good idea, as you can just plug it in and navigate the Kodi user interface.

Manual installation will require you to first format your micro SD card, then copy the unzipped download to the card using dedicated SD card writing software.

We’ll assume you’re using Windows for this, so you’ll need to download SD Card Formatter from the SD Association, and Win32Disk Imager from Source Forge. Once the SD card is formatted, exit SD Card Formatter and load Win32Disk Imager.

This might mean employing powerline adaptors, but the important thing here is to get the best possible picture and sound quality, so use whatever works.

By default, you’ll get sound via HDMI, and if you have an AV receiver, it should be getting a surround sound digital signal through the HDMI where available in your media.