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At our events, everyone feels so relaxed because they’re surrounded by peers.” The price of relaxation? Like Best of All Worlds, The Marque operates under an invite-only membership process, but an invite isn’t enough to get you in the door.After someone is recommended by an existing member, they must meet with Wessels or another Marque executive to determine their fit.For younger people who might have less money, but aspire to a similarly elite lifestyle, there are other options.These semi-elite social networks tend to feel like carbon copies of more popular, public apps.On these social networks, trust and safety is about being around people who feel familiar to you — no matter who that excludes, which is almost everyone.

It’s a “success-based network,” Wessels says, but he is quick to assure me that not everyone is in finance.The idea that an app can increase your privacy and your personal relevance in tandem might sound strange to anyone who has ever received a Twitter reply from a belligerent stranger.But what BOAW seems to really be promising is the option to remain in a world you already know, even online.The app’s tagline will be “Hang out with people you can trust.” “Trust” means different things on elite social networks than it does on the rest of the internet, where most people would be happy to simply get better tools for filtering out death threats and Nazis.Here, trust is like rolling your tinted windows up as you drive through a certain neighborhood.Suzanne Dour, a former investment bank marketing manager who was invited to be a member by Wachtmeister himself, says that Best of All Worlds’ “trusted and intimate setting” allows her to be more “open and spontaneous.” “I’m also more comfortable sharing exactly where I am and what I’m into,” she says.