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He states, "I descend from Nancy Smith (married Hardy Ward) of Shelby and Talladega Counties. Thanks, Dan Conner, Huntsville, Alabama") The family Bible of William Joel both born in Ga. born May 1, 1921 BIRTHS [Blacks]: Washington Eadys 2 February 1822 Auston Patiences ch. 1843 Lucy Bitsy's 8 Sept.1843 Wesley May's 8 Sept.1845 Davis Bitsey's Oct.1845 Levy Polly's Oct.1845 Simon Luisa's Dec.1845 William Summer's Feb.1846 DEATHS William W. From North Carolina Benjamin and Mary moved their family to Georgia in the late 1780's. Hendon 7/21/1851 Dicey Caroline Hendon 3/9/1864 Joseph D.

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Fred Rush) James Thomas Postell was born 9 December 1841 Mary Elizabeth Postell was born 19 February 1844 Lydia Glenn Postell was born 21 October 1846 Caroline Louiza Postell was born 4 October 1848 Isabel Lela Postell was born __ March 1850 William Francis Postell was born 1 October 1855 MARRIAGES James Coachman Postell married Tabitha Mc Cottry Green 22 February 1809 John A. Contributed by Marie Graham Peerson, JAN 2004 Births from the Dyer Family Bible (Joseph Harding: Philadelphia, 1853) Alfred Alexander Dyer was born on the 10th day of September 1839 Louisa Dyer was born on the 8th day of December 1840 Lewis Oscar Dyer was born 15th of June 1861 Charley Alexander Dyer was born Decebmer the 2 1864 William Columbus Dyer was born hte 20 of October 1866 John Tomas Dyer was born the 30 of June 1869 Emily Elmira dyer was born 21 of May 1871 Alma Olean was born 2 February 1873 The baby was born July/August 1875 Neoma Irene was born 20 of February 1877 Other information from the Dyer Bible A. She was born in Yellow River, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and came to Chilton County with her parents c 1884. We'll go to him across the flood We'll join him on that heavenly shore Where parting and all tears are done And farewell sighs are heard no more." Marcellus B. Harrelson was borned Febrary 11th 1861 (Sarah Frances) two more entries that appear to be names and dates but have been crossed out and are illegible as a result.

was born 24, October 1849 Shurde Liles was born 17, December 1877 Dissey Jane Liles was born 16, May 1879 Second Page- Column two Solomon Beesley was born 10, June 1772 Nathanal Bonham was born 17, January 1796 Dorcus Beesley was born 2, March 1805 Enoch Beesley was born 18, February 1812 Abraham Beesley was born 25, November 1814 Elizabeth Beesley was born 6, October 1816 Colonel Orston Beesley 24, August 1851 Third page- Column one Orston Beesley was born 1, August 1807 Selia Moore was born 22 ? The file contains the original Bible pages which were torn out of the Bible and a letter from the contributor in which she states that the pages came from a Bible she found in a trunk after the death of her aunt. Then on July 6, Richard and his son Francis purchased land in Blount Co., Alabama Territory, Sec. The church is now the Church of God of Prophecy, Royal, Alabama. I have not seen an original copy of this bible, so therefore I do not know exactly how these records were entered. The transcriber added their own Editor's Note at the end of these entries.

1818 Calvin Beesley was born 28, June 1842 Jane Beesley was born 24, November 1843 Marget Beesley was born 5, June 1846 Third page- Column two John Beesley was born 11, February 1833 Martha Ann Beesley was born 11, January 1835 Nancy Neesley was born 28, June 1836 James Beesley was born 25, February 1838 Elizabeth Beesley was born 31, May 1841 Fourth Page- Column one Samuel Beesley was born 2, March 1831 and deceased 5, March 1831 Sarah Beesley was born 7, April 1832 and deceased 18 April 1832 (the son and daughter of Orston Beesley) Martha Ann Beesley deceased 24 June 1842 Delana Beesley was born 18 March 1817 Fourth Page- Column Two Jacob Futch deceased 24 August 1849 Elizabeth Beesley, wife of Orston Beesley deceased 15 October 1839 Daniel Liles was born 27 September 1867 Elijah Liles was born 3 April 1869 Selia Liles was born 27 December 1870 Margaret and Martha Liles 19 March 1873 Fifth Page Shurod Liles was born 17 December 1876 Julia Gracy Liles was born 30 January 1882 Duncan Hamilton Liles was born 3 November 1883 Vassy Bell Liles was born 3 October 1888 Ruth Liles was born Calvin Liles was born 21 December 1902 Lottie Liles was born 27 June 1905 Hautie Liles was born 25 April 1908 Kermit Liles was born 30 January 1910 Marion Jackson Liles 1 April 1912 SUBMITTED BY [email protected] " The Family Register OF George Henry Mullirmix AND (Yetta) Louella Sparks Donaldson Kelley Mullirmix MARRIED Aug 7- 1922 Denver Colo." BIRTHS " George W. She also states that this family may not have Escambia County connections but wanted to contribute the records to the Escambia Historical Society. Page Ia Richard & Devinea his wife was born the 20th day of May 1808 about 9 Oclock in the morning of a Friday & deceased in February the third in 1809 Menervy Sanders Daughter of William Sanders & Devina his wife born 10th day of Dec 1809 Mahala (r?

Handwriting used for family data was distinguished, even elegant. As you can see it looks as if they were copied verbatium from a Family Bible. Benjamin Morris Hendon, Baptist Minister and his wife, Aly ) Their children: (all b.

Entries were obviously made at thime of births, for old fashioned forms of letters were used, as f for the double s, as in Jesse. The births of five of the seven children of "Benjamin and Mary his wife" were recorded in the Bible. This is grand father born Jan 12th 1807 (this is my G-G-G-Grand Father) Polly born dec 8th 1808 Susan born Jan 18th 1811 Samuel Walker was born Sept 12th 1813 Betsey Waters born March 8th 1816 Nancy Here Born Sept.23 1818 David Harris born Sept 2nd 1820 Sallie Jones born June 20th 1822 See Linda Francis born Feb 1825 James Jackson born July 15th 1829 It is my belief that the names above should have the name Contributed by: Adrienne Thompson John Cook Hendon m.