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In simple terms, a Love Triangle where two of the parties involved are siblings, who both love (or at least try to "get") the third party.

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TRISTAN COOPERSMITH and TODD JOHNSON have been best friends since they were eight.

As roommates in their 20s, they became each other's dating coaches and interpreters of the puzzling behavior of the opposite sex. Having taste-tested all the way to her main course, Tristan is a happily retired graduate of the MENu Dating program and a newlywed.

It can, in many ways be the ultimate compatibility test.

So when you are looking to red light a prospect, don’t ask, “Am I being too picky?

” ask, “Am I being March 2, 2010 at am | Posted in Dating Tips, Relationships | Leave a comment Tags: conflict resolution, dating, dating advice, dating etiquette, Dating Stories, menu dating, menu dating blog, menudatingonline, roadtrip, testing a relationship, tristan coopersmith– a single girl’s guide to falling in like, falling in love and falling into bed.

I’d tell him about my embarrassing childhood moments, he’d tell me about his first heartbreak, we’d talk about our future. And after 4 hours with 3 more to go, I had nothing left to reflect on other than how much I didn’t want to be with this guy anymore.

This test showcases how in sync you are with one another, meaning do you know inherently what kind of atmosphere the other needs at what moment (quiet vs.