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I also want to say a big thank you to Angela De Montigny who not only styled myself and Terri Lynn but who also made this whole thing happen. I feel a great responsibility to represent my people well and I see the same thing here among the Native American music community. I did not feel like an outsider or someone who was here for the first time. There are many things my people [Yi People of China] have in common with the Native American community, from our love of music to the strong connection we have with our culture, history, traditions and our land.

I was not on stage for very long and I did not say very much, but I was aware of the significance of everything and just hope that my presence here will turn a few eyes towards the Native American community in a positive way as well as help people all over the world see that we are all in fact just one people. It’s a shame that these types of events are not broadcast to the kids of the world so they can see there is more than one way of being, more than one way vision of how things can be.

What we discovered was a vibrant Native American music community and scene and it has amazing artists who would top any chart in Rn B, Hip Hop, pop, blues, soul as well as it’s own distinct music and identity.

Having been to quite a few award ceremonies around the world, the first thing that struck me about the NAMA’s was the people that attended it.

The rich diversity and style at the NAMAs was evident everywhere and gave us a hint of what was to come on stage.

Ayi Jihu and Angela De Montigny were presenting an Award together with Native Star Terri Lynn.

The moment you walk into the building you are aware that you are surrounded by characters, personalities, talent and passion. Everywhere you looked people were saying something with what they were wearing, the diversity in the way people dressed gives you a clue to the distinctiveness in the style and music of the event itself.

Artist like Nelly Furtado are far and few between, when you see just how much talent there is within the Native American community you realize that getting themselves out there in the right light (for them) is perhaps their hardest battle.[youtube= MXaj AAV7sk] We spoke to Ayi Jihu after she award ceremony and asked her how she felt about being the first Chinese artist to do what she did and what she felt about the NAMAs?“Firstly I want to thank Terri Lynn and then the NAMA’s for inviting me here and making me feel so welcome and at home.Like many of you reading this, we had no idea the native American Indian community even had an award ceremony.We were oblivious to the Native American music scene and we had no idea what to expect. I’m afraid my interest in Brazil got the better of me and I volunteered to review Area Q. But, how important is the dialogue really when the plot is a plot everyone has seen before?