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Germany's transport ministry last month announced that "illegal" software disguising the true level of polluting emissions had been discovered in Porsche's Cayenne and Macan models with diesel engines, which needed to be fixed.READ ALSO: Germany orders recall of 22,000 Porsches over emissions cheating A total of 22,000 vehicles were recalled, widening the scandal over emissions test cheating that has plagued parent-company Volkswagen for two years.Switzerland said on Friday that it will no longer register Porsche's luxury SUV, the Cayenne, with diesel engines citing the fallout from the emissions scandal that has rocked neighbouring Germany's car industry.Previously registered Cayennes can stay on Swiss roads, but no newly purchased vehicles with diesel engines will be cleared to drive, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) said in a statement, citing the need "to protect the environment".A Co E is essentially a mandatory prerequisite to applying for your visa, no matter what type of visa you want.It is technically possible to apply for a visa without a Co E, but you will have to submit all of the same documents that you would submit for the Co E, plus a convincing explanation as to why you couldn’t apply for the Co E first.” ..e per questo scontrino in piedi al bar dell’aeroporto di Vienna a chi dovrei scrivere!? Ai “sempre contro nostrani”, a quelli della serie “so tutto mi” che gioiscono se Venezia viene attaccata, a loro invece rispondo ciao👋 😀 — Luigi Brugnaro (@Luigi Brugnaro) November 12, 2017 While the mayor remains defiant, a citizens’ group lamented his attitude to Venice’s millions of visitors.The city’s leaders are “selling Venice by the pound,” said a statement from the April 25 Group, a collective that claims to represent ordinary Venetians.

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You will need someone in Japan to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (Co E) on your behalf- whether that be family or an attorney.In the past, tourists have been the ones accused of bad behaviour in Venice, including driving in the car-free centre, bathing in its historic fountains, and urinating in public.Brugnaro came to power on a promise to rein in Venice’s vast tourism industry, which residents have long complained makes the city unliveable.His letter of complaint was “returned to sender”, according to the mayor.“Someone eats and drinks, then says they don’t understand the language,” Brugnaro said.“In fact I applaud the restauranteur who issued the bill, it shows once again that in Venice things are done legally.