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The law does not require that all employees be treated equally, not only that they may not be treated differently because of their sex, race, religion, national origin, physical or mental handicap or age.

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The tribe under Chi You in the south learned how to make weapons with copper, creating the conditions for making bronze vessels, metallurgy and alchemy of later times.During the Xia Dynasty, 4,000 years ago, China entered the period of slave society.

This history has also given rise to the term "descendants of the Yellow and Fiery emperors" that Chinese often use to refer to themselves.The Shang Dynasty (16-11th centuries BC), which replaced the Xia, saw the height of bronze culture, when superb smelting and casting techniques brought forth beautiful wares made of bronze.Pottery making also developed very rapidly with the appearance of primitive pottery wares.Shen Nong tried and tasted various kinds of wild plants to select crops appropriate to be cultivated for food and herbal medicine to cure disease.The Yellow Emperor invented the compass, which helped him defeat Chi You.China also kept the world's most detailed and earliest astronomical records.