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T even figured out how to deal with women in general.

Coworker dating advice

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I stopped, said, “Excuse me, I have a meeting.” Aaaaaand he refused to move.

It’s more likely you’re sharing thoughts about the movie you saw last weekend than discussing the details of your relationships.

However, if it’s an issue of their safety, as well as the safety of other employees, it may be best to see if additional job sites can relocate them.

If you’re working at a chain restaurant or retail store, for instance, your coworker might be able to transfer to another location.

I ducked into the office and shut and locked the door. I know there is no one above us who would address this issue with him and short of quitting, I have to deal with him every day. There are no magic words to deal with impossible people, but how do I reason with myself mentally to stop myself from going down this road again? I think the thing to do here is to use this incident as a way of seeing really clearly that this office is messing you up.

Not helping him pick up the shards angered him more. What is the right way to deal with difficult coworkers in these situations? It’s destroying your sense of norms, it’s making you act in ways that (I assume) you would never normally act, and it’s turning you into someone who you don’t want to be.